Emerald Gaming Roleplay Project

Emerald Gaming is a vastly expansive text-based medium-heavy roleplay game mode developed by Skully. The entire game mode and all resources are written from scratch with over six years of development outputting over 60 modular resources with a very strong emphasis on performance, stability and enhanced roleplaying features for every player type: law enforcement, criminals, medical, civilians, etc.

Project Status & Purchase

As of July 2023, the project's development has been permanently ended after many years of remaining partially active behind closed doors. The entire game mode is now available for purchase along with licensing for personal and commercial use in your own MTA server! If you are interested, please visit the Emerald Gaming Discord community using the green button at the bottom.

Gaze Into Emerald Gaming

Redefining The Standards of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Roleplay.

Included Resources

The current resources that are included in Emerald Gaming can be found below. It should be noted that some resources may be completed and fully functional and some are partially complete with some specific features still incomplete. Any resources that still require development are labelled accordingly.

Access to the Emerald Information Hub on GitHub which contains a full, comprehensive setup guide and installation steps along with extensive documentation of the source code is provided with every full copy of Emerald to aid your long-term development - this includes a huge compiled list of utility functions/exports, useful event handlers, all element data with data type definitions and descriptions, and a ton of other hand-written guides!

Resource Description Status

Take your community to the next level

Make your server stand out with Emerald Gaming at its core, the most advanced and feature-rich roleplay gamemode for MTA:SA.